The Fair Education Act is a California law that dictates an inclusive and affirming curriculum, where ALL students see themselves reflected. All students, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality or religion, will be included in the classroom conversation, seeing themselves in the rebels and heroes throughout history - and in literature - that dared to make a change. Additionally, there will be High Honors classes for all Gifted and Highly Gifted Students, and placement in Accelerated Math for all who qualify.



They’re included, they’re inspired - then they’re out making positive change in the world! Students at SAGE will be involved in community projects, charity, protest, and activism. By the time they are in the 8th grade, they will be deciding, for themselves, what changes need to be made in the world, and they will out there, rolling their sleeves up, and making those changes.

P.Miller, Principal

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There are many different lenses through which we can study social justice, but here at Millikan we feel that gender is the most relevant place to start for middle school students. Through a creative humanities program, SAGE students will study the impact of gender on their own lives, from the earliest influences (fairy tales, Disney movies), to their current world (social media, body image), to a global perspective (international oppression of women, lgbt, religious groups).

Mark Jones


In this social media age, our children are exposed to a lot of “hit and run” arguments, where declarations are often made without any substance, research, or even facts to back them up. At SAGE we will combat this trend with a three year program of Speech and Debate. By the time students are in the 8th grade, they will be participating in debates, in front of the entire student body, where they will be stating their case, supported by research, substance and facts.



At SAGE we realize that middle school students are still children, and their rapidly evolving needs are more complex and challenging every day. That’s why educating the “whole child” is so critical at this age. Towards that end, we are teaming with the UCLA Mindfulness Foundation, who will teach our students breathing techniques, stress management, and guided meditation. For P.E., students at SAGE will receive the benefits of a three year, daily program of yoga. We are partnering with the Anti-Defamation League, and implementing their anti-bullying curriculum, as well as the Character Counts program.


The Representation Project, including the films "The Mask You Live In" and "Miss Representation," explore the troubling narratives our children are exposed to regarding gender and its various, often unhealthy limitations. Both films, and their corresponding curricula, will be incorporated into the gender studies portion of SAGE.

Here are some scenes from "The Mask You Live In" which explores the correlation between respect and violence that society teaches young boys. We need to teach them a different, healthier path towards masculinity, one that is defined by character, intelligence and service to the greater good. Fight with the strength of your character, not with your fists. 

SAGE offers an academically rigorous program of studies, with an Honors track for Gifted, SAS, and Highly Gifted Students, a full Speech and Debate curriculum, and accelerated and highly accelerated math options, with offerings all the way up to 10th grade math. All students are fully reflected in the SAGE curriculum, so students feel included and affirmed. When students feel included in the classroom, they are then inspired by the rebels and heroes of history who dared to make a positive change in the world. The five pillars of SAGE include: